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Every human being is born with the gift of creativity and intelligence, as well as with the capacity to love and think. When we apply our creativity in our daily life, it helps us to easily sort out any problems we have, and also fills up our life with joy. However, when creativity is blocked our energy is stuck, leading to tireness and depression.

Despite creativity being essential for the human evolution, it gets blocked frequently due to the high demands of our world, which produce, as a result, the appearance of certain illnesses and imbalances.

In order to help your creativity flow and fill up your life with vitality and happiness, we offer you a wide variety of activities for kids and adults:

  • Bhangra dance (Indian dance): Vibrant traditional dance fron the North of India (Punjab). Bhangra means literally “filled with joy”. For more information visit

  • Bollywood dance (Indian dance)

  • Polynesian dance: Hawaiian dance (Hula) & Tahitian dance

  • Ecstasy Chakra dance (Ecstatic dance & Chakra dance)

  • Ecstatic dance

  • African dance

  • Biodance

  • Contact dance

  • Hip hop & Breakdance 

  • Funky

  • Belly dance

  • Salsa & ballroom dance

  • Tango

  • Flamenco

  • Batuka

  • Dance therapy

  • Drumming

  • Music Therapy

All these activities can be undertaken at our facilities or at your desired location  and are conducted by highly qualified professionals.

We also provide Music & Dance animation services for events, retreats & special celebrations.

For more information please contact us at or by telephone at: (+34) 630 749 572.