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Well-being activities: Pilates Method

Pilates is our speciality. We provide group classes and private & semi-private sessions at our center located in Ibiza town or by demand at your desired location (See below our schedule of classes):

  • AquapilatesAquapilates or Water Pilates: Click here for information.
  • Pilates Fusion: Yogalates (Yoga & Pilates), Yo/Chi Pilates (Yoga, Chi Kung & Pilates), Yogalates Dance Flow (Yoga, Pilates & Dance fusion), Bhangralates (Pilates specific for Bhangra dance, Bhangra dance & Yoga) & Thai Pilates (Pilates & Thai massage fusion).
  • SUP Yoga/Pilates (Yoga/Pilates on the Stand-Up Paddle Surf board:
    The sessions include an optional introduction course to Stand-Up Paddle Surf. Pilates & Yoga on the Stand Up Paddle Board is a challenging and refreshing practice that combines two great core workouts to build strength, flexibility and balance in an outdoor environment. Stand Up Paddle Surf (also called SUP) is the latest and fastest growing water-sport across the world. It was born in Hawaii, and combines the traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe paddling with Surf. SUP boards are large surfboards propelled by a standing paddler who uses an extra-long canoe paddle. They provide a fun and intense core-based balance challenge workout full of benefits, not only cardiovascular but also postural and strenghtening.
    For more information please click here

  • Pilates with accessories: elastic bands, overballs (mini-balls), weights, fit balls (stability balls), foam rollers, magic circles...etc.

  • "Aereo-Pilates" TRX Suspension Training: The latest trend in Fitness & Rehabilitation in USA. The combined use of the TRX with Pilates increases the efficiency of the sessions allowing to achieve a stronger core and middle back muscles.

In order to provide the best quality in our sessions we count with the high professionality & wide experience of the Pilates qualified instructor Ana Santos and the rest of team

Pilates classes:
We offer private & semi-private sessions on demand together with group classes. (For more information contact us by  e-mail or on tel. (0034) 630 74 95 72

These are our available group classes:

SALA YOGA EN IBIZA - Behind Muebles La Fabrica (near Jesus roundabout in Santa Eulalia - Ibiza road), Ibiza.

Group classes (8 people max) 
They provide a full body-mind workout and a deep relaxation for your body, mind & soul including Yoga and assisted stretching techniques.


WEDNESDAYS, 20-21:15h



60€/month - Includes all the classes each Wednesday per month + 1 free monthly outdoor class

Information & bookings:
E-mail: - Tel.: (+34) 630 74 95 72

CALA PADA - Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.

Group classes (10 people max) 
These Pilates & Wellbeing classes take place in a beautiful outdoor space surrounded by trees in front of the sea. With these classes we start the day strengthening and revitalizing our body & mind in full connection with the elements of Nature.






Información e inscripciones:
E-mail: - Tel.: (+34) 630 74 95 72


  • Qualified instructors: The classes are taught by Ana Santos, qualified in the Pilates Method in England, with an experience of 14 years teaching and practicing Pilates. Ana is one of the precursors of the Pilates Method in Spain and the founder of Yo/Chi Pilates (Pilates Fusion with Yoga & Chi Kung) and Bhangralates (Pilates, Bhangra dance & Yoga).
  • Wide variety of Pilates styles:
    Together with the traditional Pilates Method, during the courses we also provide Aquapilates, Yogalates, Yo/Chi Pilates (Pilates Fusion with Yoga & Chi Kung), Bhangralates (Pilates, Bhangra dance & Yoga), Pilates & Yoga on the Stand Up Paddle Surf board (SUP Yoga/Pilates), open-air sessions, relaxation techniques & massage.
    All these techniques enrich the practice of the Method to a more energetic and spiritual level achieving not only a stronger & leaner body but also a good mind-body balance at all physical, energetic & spiritual levels.

  • Wide range of implements:
    During the classes we use a wide variety of accessories: elastic bands, overballs (mini-balls), weights, fit balls (stability balls), foam rollers). These Pilates material enable one to progress in the control of the "Power house" (or Pilates centre), and provide more diverse and complex exercises which improves the quality of body movements. The results are more entertaining & efficient sessions, higher body-awareness and control of the body centre.

For more information please contact us at or by telephone at: (+34) 630 749 572.

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