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Welcome to the Atomic Silver website

Welcome to the Atomic Silver website

Atomic Silver Mineral Water is now being made in Belize!

Atomic Silver Mineral Water is Colloidal Silver, "The most powerful natural germ fighter known to Man" ( Science Digest,1975 ), which is painless upon application, non addictive, non irritating, odorless, with no harmful side effects and is completely non-toxic to mammals, reptiles and plants.

Colloidal Silver (abbreviated throughout the site as CS) is made from 99.99% silver and pure distilled water which combined with a positive electrical charge, creates sub-microscopic particles in suspension (each individual particle containing approximately 10-500 silver atoms).

¡Estamos traduciendo! Pero por el momento para información en español, se puede mirar un artículo con una buena introducción a la plata coloidal, en la revista DISCOVERY SALUD. Pero, por favor, miren nuestra pagina sobre las diferencias de usar plastico y vidrio en "CASE STUDIES", por que nosotros usamos el plastico PET, que no afecta la plata coloidal, gracias!

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