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This section aims to provide a more detailed view on experiences with colloidal silver, with both scientific reports and personal testimonials.

Multiple Sclerosis diary - Nancy DeLise
Multiple Sclerosis diary, treatment with colloidal silver .
Impetigo testimonial - Caitriona, Ibiza
Weve been using Atomic Silver on ourselves and our children for over 18 months, weve used it for nappy rash, heat rash, bites and stings.
Bubonic Plague
"Non-Toxic Disinfectant Kills Bubonic Plague Bacteria and Anthrax."
General Testimonials
Alexandra, Barcelona, "I heard about Atomic Silver through some friends who had used it.
Reports on Malaria, contract signed with Africa
American Biotech Labs (ABL), a private company in which Clifton holds approximately a 30% interest, has just signed a purchase contract with...
Silver in Glass vs. Plastic Containers
January 1, 2004 - Non-Toxicity Test.

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