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Colloidal Silver Frequently Asked Questions.

What is colloidal?
The term colloid was coined by Thomas Graham a Scottish scientist. Colloidal is greek for "glue". A colloid is tiny particles suspended in any medium, typically a liquid. Particles are usually sized between 1 - 1000 nanometers in diameter.

What is PPM or parts per million?
Parts per million is described as measurable particles foriegn to a pure liquid. The example of 1 ppm silver in distilled water would equal 1 mg (silver) per Liter of water.

What is a nanometer?
A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. Once you have a particle as small as an atom, the public have no data to substanciate that if the particle is any degree smaller that it will be absorbed any quicker or better.

What is the advantage of a home generator?
Home generators allow you to make silver water at home very inexpensive. The particles made with the common 9 volt battery are substancially larger than the commercial high voltage generators. There are more ions and less suspended silver particles as well. IF THIS WORKS FOR YOU, great! PLEASE make sure that you only use DISTILLED water to make your own silver water. No tap water. No Salt as it is a hazard and will form a harmful compound when added to the water.

Is clear or dark colored colloidal silver ok?
Practical Colloid Chemistry, published in London in 1926. In the section on the "Colours of Colloidal Metals", sub-section on the "Polychromism of silver solutions" on page 69, are the following statements: "The continuous change in colour from yellow to blue corresponds to a change in the absorption maximum of the shorter to longer wave-lengths with a decreasing degree of dispersion. This is a general phenomenon in colloid chemistry illustrating the relation between colour and degree of dispersion."

Colloidal Silver that has a high percentage of the silver content in the form of micron sized particles will absorb visible light causing the liquid to appear dark-amber or brown. It is the very high concentration of particles, not large particle size or contamination, that gives these products such color.

What is ionic silver?
What is silver salt?
What is mild silver protein?
What is Particle silver?
Are these all silver water?
Small particles of silver suspended in water are CALLED colloidal silver. Ionic silver has mostly ions of silver suspended in the water, comes from low votage generated silver generators, and can be identified by placing a small amount of colloidal silver in a container and adding salt. The water will form a white cloud of silver chloride in the water if the solution is ionic silver. All electrically produced coloidal silver sold has some silver ions in it. If no silver ions are present then no white cloud will form.

Silver salt, silver nitrate is acheived when you add salt to the electro-generation of colloidal silver. Try not to make these solutions by using tap water that has minerals of salt or chlorene that would not let you achieve a good colloidal silver, these compounds can be harmful in large amounts.

Mild silver protein has silver particles in it and was first sold as colloidal silver. The specific manufacturing techniques of this product can produce better quality colloidal silver than others. All manufacturers of colloidal silver do not use the same techniques. If you shake mild silver protein, foam should stay on top

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