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Impetigo testimonial - Caitriona, Ibiza

We've been using Atomic Silver on ourselves and our children for over 18 months, we've used it for nappy rash, heat rash, bites and stings, burns (including sunburn), scrapes, cuts and conjunctivitis. We have found it gives us, and in particular our young children, relief, especially from burns.  
However it was when I used it on my daughters impetigo that I became completely convinced and hooked.  She is 4 years old and got impetigo around her nose which spread down towards her mouth, it was an open wound and extremely painful.  The prescribed cream made her scream with agony when applied, needless to say I only used it once.  Most other parents told me I wouldn't clear it up if I didn't use the anti-biotic cream however I stuck to my gut feeling and I cleaned the infected area thoroughly about 4 times a day with Atomic Silver and then sprayed it on her throughout the day, not only did this not cause her any discomfort she got relief from it. Impetigo is highly infectious and it spread to our 16 month old baby again we only used Atomic Silver and it cleared up within 1 week.

I cannot recommend this natural water highly enough, I carry it everywhere and use it all the time for a whole host of problems, I even use it to clean work benches before I prepare food! 

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