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Reports on Malaria, contract signed with Africa

American Biotech Labs (ABL), a private company in which Clifton holds approximately a 30% interest, has just signed a purchase contract with a company from the Republic of South Africa. In addition, new trials of the ASAP Solution(R) [Colloidal Silver] on two malaria patients have been documented along with the first documented use on an individual with a compromised immune system.

The New Contract
According to the terms of the new contract, the company will purchase the product for use in hospitals and clinics and will sell it to the general public. They are expected to start purchasing product within the next sixty days. They have also agreed to provide ABL with data from the clinics and hospitals in which the product will be used. ABL anticipates rapid growth in
the use of the product across Africa, including West Africa, where the ASAP
Solution(R) has already received drug approval on the basis of testing in area hospitals and clinics.

New Malaria Human Trials/First Immune Compromised Patient

American Biotech Labs has just received information on malaria patients who were treated with the ASAP Solution by doctors in Ghana. The doctors reported that both patients, ages 28 and 42, recovered from all symptoms within four days. Doctors in African hospitals and clinics have treated dozens of patients for maladies ranging from malaria to respiratory infections. They have reported that all patients have fully recovered within seven days. As a result of the enthusiasm of the doctors and hospitals who have tested the product, Ghana has approved the ASAP Solution(R) as a drug. Clinical tests of the ASAP Solution(R) continue in the international community for the treatment of malaria.

While most patients treated with ASAP Solution(R) had a functioning immune system, American Biotech Labs has just received information on the first trial on a patient with a compromised immune system. The hospital doctor reported that the patient, who was suffering from pneumonia, showed signs of recovery in two days and recovered fully in six days.

Clifton trades on the U.S. OTC: (CFTN).

Note: Any statements released by Clifton Mining Company that are forward
looking are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private
Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Editors and investors are cautioned
that forward looking statements invoke risk and uncertainties that may affect
the company's business prospects and performance. These include economic,
competitive, governmental, technological and other factors discussed in the
company's business plan and due-diligence information.

For further information: Dr. Ken Friedman, President,(303) 642-0659 or
Keith W. Moeller, Vice President, (801) 756-1414, or see our websites at  or American Biotech Labs' web site at

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