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Multiple Sclerosis diary - Nancy DeLise

Multiple Sclerosis diary, treatment with colloidal silver.

August 2000
I have been on Betaseron since it came on the market 6 or 7 years ago. I would say it did as promised, I have had no exacerbation since I began the injections. However, everyday I hate to get up to see what additional symptom I have to add to my list to get used to.

My right hand is numb, my feet, especially my toes are numb. When I get hot or tired my right leg does not lift well. It drags when I walk. After a day at work, I practically have to crawl to my car. I must hold on to a wall at all times. I really should use a cane. I cannot even go up a curb without holding on to someone or something. No way can I climb a ladder.

When I sit for any length of time, My legs stiffen and get spasms and I have to wait awhile before I can walk. It appears that I have had too much to drink. I really should use a cane, but usually I can take my companion’s arm to get to my car.

If I sit on the floor for any reason, like play with my grandchildren, I must first get on my knees, then on all four’s, then finally I can get up. Just like a cow. I cannot use help getting up from the floor, I need more control. I sit on the floor as little as possible.

When it is hot, I must wear a cold pack vest or I cannot walk. My feet are hot all the time, and I cannot sleep unless my feet are uncovered. I have night paralysis. I must throw my body in order to turn to another side. My legs are locked in the fetal position and it is a real chore to get them unlocked and able to walk. I must use a cane to get to the bathroom during the night. It is about ten feet from my bed.

Jane Wyman has become my good friend with the Poise pads. I cannot go out without the Ultra Poise pads. If I know I will be away from a bathroom for any length of time, I must use Depends. It goes without saying, I must use the pads at night, also.

I drank 2 oz of Colloidal Silver water twice a day - in the morning & at three PM.

Day 4: I begin to drink 8 oz of Silver water two times per day. I seem to have more energy and the end of the day seems to come a little later. I do not drag as much to my car.

Day 12: The night paralyzation seems to be easing. I can get out of bed with more ease

Day 14 thru Day 18: My fingers and toes are tingling more and more. My toes are aching. As the days go by my fingertips seem to be aching, also.

Day 20: I seem to have surreal feelings in my fingers. It’s like a far away out of body feeling. They still ache.

Day 21: I am getting out of bed much easier and quicker. I climbed a ladder at work, and I am not nearly so tired when I leave work. I can actually walk to my car without holding on to the wall. I did some things on the floor at work, and was able to get up without too much trouble.

Week 4: The bottom of my feet are tingling, and I could feel whiskers on Mike’s face (a surreal feeling). I could feel cool bathroom tile on the bottom of my feet. My legs ached all night. It was very painful, I wanted to scream out. My legs hurt a great deal. The next morning I was able to walk further than I had in years. Mike and I walked about four blocks that morning. I feel stronger and stronger every day.

Week 6: More and more feeling in both fingers and toes every day. Less surreal and more natural. Both toes and fingers get cold.

Week 10: Seem to have small changes every day. Again my toes ached for several days, then I had more feeling in my toes. It’s as though I have a non-feeling pad at the bottom of my feet, but feeling all the way around. Like an animal’s paw with the padded bottom. It seems I hurt for a few days, then something feels better.
Week 12: I feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon. I wonder if they have pain during the metamorphosis. The bottom of my feet are no longer numb, the fingers on my right hand tingle only at the very tips. I don’t even think about lifting a heavy container with my right hand. For years, I wouldn’t dare lift, or I would drop whatever I was holding. I poured coffee from a pot without even thinking about it, until I noticed myself doing it. There is NO WAY I could be working the hours I have this Christmas, if not for the Colloidal Silver water. Last year, I had to wear my cooling vest all day every day, and when I went home I could barely walk to my car. Some days I literally dragged my right leg to get to my car. I had to hold on to the building to get around the corner and into my car. When I got home I actually crawled on my hands and knees to get up the steps. This year I never once had to wear my cooling vest. I walk normally to my car at the end of the day, and the steps are not too much of a problem. I still go up one leg only, but it is stronger. The fatigue is minimized, also. I’ve worked many more hours this year than last.

Week 14: This is amazing. I have my life back. I will never give up Colloidal Silver water.

Week 20: Christmas Week. I had 16 people for dinner Christmas eve. I had 7 people for dinner Christmas day, I worked 11 hours the day after Christmas, and I had 14 people for dinner the next day. That is four days out of four I entertained at my house. I can’t remember when I did something like that. I still have night paralysis, but not nearly as bad as it used to be, and I have a lot of stiffness still when I sit a long time, but nothing near as bad as it used to be. My energy level is very high.

Week 24: It seems I was at a standstill for the last several weeks. I didn’t see much improvement, but then I saw NO back sliding - Just status quo. This is OK with me if I don’t improve much. I’ve come such a long way back. However, the stiffness & night paralysis could improve. I drink at least 16 oz of Colloidal Silver water per day. Some days when I have a lot to do, or am especially busy I will drink 24 oz.

Week 28: I have been drinking 24 oz of Colloidal Silver water almost every day. The night paralysis is lessening. It is not taking as long for my legs to get moving in the night or in the morning. More of the numb parts of my body have feeling.

Week 30: It’s hard to believe, but I can still feel better. I can walk almost instantly when I get up from sitting a long time in one place. In the morning my legs are not nearly as stiff as they used to be. I can get moving much quicker then before. I think the newest miracle is the raw cilantro pesto I have been eating the last 1 ½ weeks.

Week 52: It is now a full year and I would say I am about 70% improved. I have not improved much again, but I have not gone backward either. I can be extremely happy if I stay this way. I feel better than I have in several years.

1 year 4 weeks: Some of my email friends have been discussing drinking Colloidal Silver water with Gatorade. They seem to believe the electrolytes in the Gatorade will get the silver into the blood stream quicker. It will not have to go through the entire digestive system to get to work. What have I got to lose.

1 year 8 weeks: They were right. I have been drinking Gatorade two parts to one part Colloidal Silver water. It has truly helped. I cannot believe the change. I can’t remember ever feeling this good in my entire life. I have some numbness in the very tip of my fingers and the incontinence is still there to some degree, but then again I drink over 48 oz. of liquid everyday. The morning stiffness is still there to some extent, but it is not at all serious. I can get out of bed fairly quick, and it takes only a short time for me to begin walking. If I over do it during the day my legs do get heavy and tired, but compared to not being able to walk at all a year ago, it is wonderful.

August 2002
My MS Update
I am sending this to all who have inquired about my original MS journal or helped me along the way. This is the second anniversary of my long, but wonderful journey with Colloidal Silver (CS). I am a 59-year-old female who had relapsing remitting MS for 31 years. About 1995 it changed to secondary progressive MS. Thus began my long road of decline. Everyday I got worse. When I discovered CS I could barely walk. I was beginning to use a cane. I could not even go up on the curb without aid. My prognosis was grim. I had some knowledge of the great properties of silver, so the idea of CS intrigued me. I researched CS. What did I have to lose?

I began drinking 16 oz per day. In about three weeks I began to notice a difference. You already have a log of my first year’s progress. I seemed to reach a plateau about this time. I did not improve, BUT I never got worse. I have since had an MRI and it showed that at this time, Aug 2001, I no longer had MS. I have had no new lesions for well over a year. What I was working on at the time is to now repair the damage. Since the damage is to the myelin and not the central nervous system, I was quite confident I could improve.

1 year-6 months: I have researched adding hydrogen peroxide to the CS. One drop of 35% H2O2 per 2 oz of CS. I learned this would cause the tiny silver particles to break up into even more minute particles. After 15 minutes, the peroxide was evaporated out of the CS, so it is not harmful to the body, but the tinier particles of silver got into the blood stream quicker. All this time it was a slow process because by the time the silver got to the myelin where it was needed, it was so diluted, it couldn’t penetrate the lesions and kill the mycoplasma (MS virus) Within a week I began to feel old symptoms again. This is what I call a healing crisis: I would get symptoms of the MS as the virus was dying and the dying pathogen aggravated the nerves, so for 2-4 days I would feel like I was having varying degrees of exacerbation. After a short period, it would end and I was improved again. If I had known about this earlier, I am convinced my recovery time would have increased a great deal.

1 year-9 months: I am sure there is a way to go even quicker… I began to research IV drips. There are cases of HIV-AIDS infected patients going into complete remission after three infusions of CS. I worked on this project for about six weeks. I finally found someone with a protocol of infusing CS intravenously. I also found a doctor willing to work with me and give this a try.

1 year-11 months:
First IV: I had my first IV. By that evening I had my first healing crisis; my legs became extremely heavy (like they were 2 years ago). My fingers tips were still numb, but the numbness was extremely exaggerated. All was better at day four

Second IV a week later: My legs are again aching a great deal, the numbness in my fingers is very intense. It almost feels like they are not attached to me. All better by day three.

Third, fourth, fifth IV: Each time I experienced a reverse of some symptoms I had either forgotten about over the last 40 years, or didn’t realize over the years were actually MS symptoms. I’ve practically no problems at all. I feel better then I have in 15 years. I will have no more IV’s, but I will NEVER stop drinking CS.

If I had known about the IV’s I probably would have had full recovery even sooner. I am quite sure the old lesions are going away. I am anxious for another MRI to prove this also.

TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY: No more MS, no more symptoms. I would be happy to share what I’ve learned with anyone. Call me 708-442-6229, snailmail me: Nancy DeLise, 380 Blachawk Road, Riverside, Il. 60546, or email me:

I am completely convinced this will help anyone with any autoimmune disease.

                                    Traditional medicine                     vs                  Colloidal Silver
Cost:                            Minimum $1000 per month                               $80 per month

Method of Deliver:      injection, minimum 1x per week                       drink 16+ oz. per day

Side effects:                 page after page                                                   NONE

Prognosis:                    learn to cope and continue to                             expect to kill all MS virus within
                                     deteriorate                                                          6 – 8 months. Repair damaged
                                                                                                                Myelin and regain most functions in 6 – 12        

Editor’s Note: Nancy was killed in an auto accident on April 28, 2007. If you have questions about Nancy’s fight against MS using Colloidal Silver, contact Terry Chamberlin, B.Sc., C.N.C., Bioanalyst, Nova Scotia, Canada                

email :              

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