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Bhangra is a traditional dance of North India, original from the Punjab region. Bhangra literally means "filled with joy".

According to Hindu tradition, Bhangra is the dance of the tenth body, which corresponds to brightness and projection.

It began as a form of celebration amongst the farmers, who used to celebrate the arrival of spring and harvest time with this extremely expressive and cheerful dance, projecting thus their joy and gratitude to the Universe and Mother Earth for their generous gifts.

Bhangra dance is a form of communication between Earth and Heaven, which is represented in the body by the legs and arms. Its movements are strong and soft at the same time, and are initiated from the core or body-center which is key to be able to dance to any rhythm.

This dance includes the basic movements of the ancient Hindu Dance: foot, hands, neck and eyes movements. It also incorporates hip movements, which provides a greater range of possibilities and rhythms to this dance.

Bhangra music is a fusion of traditional Hindu singing to the rhythms of traditional Indian dhol "typical drum from Punjab," together with "iktar" or ektara (a one-stringed instrument), the "tumbi" and "chimta”. Bhangra dance is one of the key influences to other modern Indian dances like Bollywood dance.

Bhangra's intense rythm is extremely stimulating, it increases joy, vitality, elevates the soul and strengthens the Aura.

Furthermore, its intense pace and fast movements help to develop and balance both hemispheres of the brain. As it implies both the emotional (right side of the brain) and mental (left side), it provides an ideal body-mind balance in addition to its physical benefits. In addition, Bhangra dance also improves coordination and, due to being a cardiovascular exercise, it helps to stylize body shape and increases muscle tone leading to a lean body.

Currently, Bhangra dance is popular worldwide filling with happiness celebrations and many events such as weddings and parties in clubs.

Do you want to see Bhangra dance in action? If so have a look at the videos below:

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"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams...May Bhangra dance fill your dreams with smiles of Joy..
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