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Bhangra dance interactive show at Wedding Bhangra dance interactive show at Wedding Boda3 BollyBhangra Shankara12
BollyBhangra Shankara18 BollyBhangra Shankara2 BollyBhangra Shankara3 BollyBhangra Shankara5
BollyBhangra Shankara9
Feb2012 Feb2012
EarthDay2013w Ibiza 1 Ibiza 2 Ibiza 3
Ibiza 4 Ibiza 5 Ibiza 6 May2012 1
May2012 2 May2012 3 May2012 4 May2012 5
KalaniHa Hawai Hawai2 Hawai3
Hawai4 Hawai5 Hawai6
Atzaro BhangraReggae1
BhangraReggae2 BhangraReggae Roto
KumharasIbiza09b KumharasIbiza09c KumharasIbiza09d KumharasIbiza09e
KumharasIbiza09f PlazaParqueIbiza0 PlazaParqueIbiza09 (2) PlazaParqueIbiza09
Sansara09b SansaraIbiza09 SansaraIbiza09c SansaraIbiza09d
harippa ibiza1 ibiza2 ibiza3
intermon1 intermon2 massanassa1 massanassa2
massanassa3 massanassa4 massanassa5 massanassa6
orfanato orfanato2 orfanato3 orfanato4
orfanato5 orfanato6



Since our beginnings we have been dedicated to promote & share worldwide the joy of Bhangra dance.
We are proud to be Spain's Directors of
The World Bhangra Council
We support, sponsor and help street kids in India through the NGO
"Childs Rights: Derechos de los niños desfavorecidos de India"
Launch of
Hardeep Singh Sahota's book
"Bhangra: Mystics, Music, and Migration"

honouring Bhangra dance's 50th Anniversary
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"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams...May Bhangra dance fill your dreams with smiles of Joy..
Chak Dee Pattel!"

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