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  Dance as a healing tool has been used for thousands of years in many cultures, amongst them the Shamanic tradition.
Dancing lifts our spirits and heals our souls. Movement to music “Dance” is in fact a great healer. While dancing, our bodies merge with the music and a synergistic connection takes place. This takes us into an altered state of consciousness and into a different mode of awareness.

Dancing is a wonderful and creative way to express and most of all “embrace and honor our emotions.” This is not only a powerful release for us of negativity and stress but is at the same time the ultimate expression of our own self-love.

Ecstasy Chakra dance fuses the Shamanic tradition with different contemporary conscious movement & dance techniques together with a superb selection of electronic & vibrational music from Ibiza providing as a result efficient “techniques of Ecstasy” or natural ways of experiencing Ecstasy.

Ecstatic dance considers the body as a holy vessel of the spirit where we can awaken our greatest talents, healing, and dream change abilities, oftentimes hidden from our sight for years. The dance then becomes a source of revelation and renewal. From this experience our whole being (body, mind, and soul) is honored as sacred and as the work of beauty it is.
  Ecstasy Chakra dance takes the dancer on an inner journey to connect him to other sources of guidance, activate abilities to re-invent him, or invite spirit/life force energy to embody and heal him. It restores the vital flow of life force and recovers lost parts of the soul in the process.

There is no previous experience in dancing needed for Ecstasy Chakra dance as it is about being creative, feeling good and putting some balance back into your life.
For these means all that you need do is relax, surrender into the rhythms, and let your body's wisdom guide your movements. In other words, trust and release your grip on the steering wheel. You’re dancing for your Self and no one else. ..and you are enjoying to the max!


The Ecstasy Chakara dance experience is a form of active meditation or prayer where music, movement, and the breath are used to shift brain wave patterns from the day-to-day cognitive beta state, to the more meditative and insightful alpha state. In fact, it’s not unusual for this dance to open up into what people describe as a visionary experience of a mystical or spiritual nature.

In many ways, ecstatic dance is the antithesis of everything we’ve been taught that dance is supposed to be. In the ecstatic dance journey, your whole being becomes the paintbrush that your spirit guides across the canvas of your soul. To become the paintbrush all you need do is relax, surrender into the rhythms, and let your body's wisdom guide your movements.

A Native American Prayer: Dance to Heal the Earth - Native American prayer