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The word Ecstasy comes from the Greek word ekstasis, which means "displacement, trance, to take flight, to drive out of one's senses, to move beyond what is not moving”.
In addition, its latin root means “to stand outside of oneself”.

Ecstasy is a deeply intimate experience of wholeness and unity, reached when the whole being is sensed as one, rather than the sum of the parts. It brings you into communion with something much larger than yourself and can only be reached when the heart and mind are open.

Ecstasy is trascendence, it is expansion of consciousness, it is going beyond who you think you are.

Ecstasy is natural, it is a state of being that we can all reach, but we have forgotten how.

The Ecstasy experience is an expansion of the senses, it is the ability to see things as they really are, it is the expansion into a greater reality. In this state of grace magic happens because we are one with the power of the Universe.
This experience is the oldest form of healing, used originally by the shamans through drumming, dancing, and chanting as a journey into a world beyond the ordinary.

Ecstasy Chakra Dance fuses the Shamanic tradition with varied contemporary techniques and a superb selection of music from Ibiza and provides “techniques of Ecstasy” or natural ways of experiencing Ecstasy.

A Native American Prayer: Dance to Heal the Earth - Native American prayer

16th March'14, 7-9pm