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  Ecstasy Chakra Dance is a unique, joy-filled dance system that fuses the best of the Shamanic traditions with modern conscious dance techniques and a unique selection of acoustic and electronic music from Ibiza-based artists.

Results enable you to move your soul into ecstasy, free your body from any tension and boost your energy levels, whilst nurturing your whole being with happiness.

The Ecstasy Chakra Dance experience, facilitated by Shankara, consists of a guided journey of self-exploration, based on movement and sound, into altered states of mind (Trance). It opens ourselves up to higher levels of consciousness through meditation, breath, dance, energy, body-soul work and personal & interpersonal practices.

Ecstasy Chakra Dance takes participants on an 'inner journey' exploring the chakra system through free-form movement, breathing techniques, visualization and chakra-orientated music, in order to overcome blockages and limitations, thus making possible a return to the Source or Spirit: Ecstasy.

This blissful experience is fused with a very special set of vibrational live music, healing electronic beats and uplifting rhythms by talented artists based in the world's capital of electronic music: Ibiza.

We invite you to move into ecstasy in a safe, non-alcohol, smoke-free and judgment-free environment where you can be and dance who you really are: LET GO YOUR MIND AND...DANCE!

For more information and forthcoming sessions please click here or get in touch with us at : info@ecstasychakradance.com

A Native American Prayer: Dance to Heal the Earth - Native American prayer

16th March'14, 7-9pm