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The Ecstasy Chakra Dance music has been especially selected from Ibiza-based artists to make you travel through your chakra system and enjoy a blissful ecstatic experience in a safe, drugs, alcohol & smoke-free dance space.

At our sessions you will dance to a unique selection of live vibrational music and electronic beats of well-known Ibiza-based djs that will take you on a musical and movement journey to experience and balance the energies of your chakras.

Our music, acting as a vibrational medicine combining vibrational, ancient sacred sounds and modern dance beats, has been carefully selected to resonate with each of the seven energy points allowing thus to restore their natural flow.

Some of the artists involved in the sessions include the talented and internationally recognized Djs Ohm-g, Lenny Ibizarre & Philipa Lazary, the mystic-hypnotic Trance band ELEA (Space Tepee Music, Ibiza) amongst others.

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A Native American Prayer: Dance to Heal the Earth - Native American prayer


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