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The Ecstasy Chakra Dance sessions are a mind-blowing experience that fuse breath, energy work, meditation, visualization, chakra & ecstatic dance together with the most unique music from Ibiza, specifically selected to awaken the body, expand the mind, call out to the soul and connect with the spirit.

The sessions begin connecting to our breath, our body and our soul, followed by energy work through Chakra dancing and thus re-balancing our chakras. This allows the expansion of consciousness (ie: the ecstatic experience) and then ease our way into blissful free-form movement practice "Ecstatic dance" guided by the best music from Ibiza.

For more information and forthcoming sessions please click here or get in touch with us at

Testimonials from past sessions:

* Thank you so much for the movement journey we took last evening, it was delightful spend time with you in movement with no words needed :-) (James, Big Island - Hawaii)

* Thank you Shankara, it was great fun and healing as well!!! (Isabelle, Kauai - Hawaii)

* Mahalo for such amazing session! I found your guidelines very useful and the music surprinsingly liberating..I felt soooo free dancing during the session..MAHALO! Marc, Kauai - Hawaii)

* I wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting and dancing with you. You carry a beautiful light and spirit with you, mahalo for that. (James, Big Island - Hawaii)

* Thank you so much for such great music selection, I really enjoyed it..please come back! (Claurence, Kauai - Hawaii)

A Native American Prayer: Dance to Heal the Earth - Native American prayer

16th March'14, 7-9pm