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About Yvonne Glenister Hammond

Yvonne paintingYvonne Glenister Hammond is inspired by the play of light on flowers, fruit and vegetables. She likes to create tactile images bathed in glowing colour and arranged carefully on the page in bold, confident compositions.

The varied forms and rich hues of irises, fuchsias, ripe squashes and artichokes, luscious plums and strawberries are combined in her work.

She has always drawn and painted but took up botanical painting seriously in 1995. She studied at the Chelsea Physic Garden and was awarded a distinction.

Since then three of her works have been acquired by the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation (the world's largest collection of botanical art) at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA.

The most important private collector and promoter of botanical art worldwide, Dr. Shirley Sherwood, has acquired four of Yvonne’s paintings for her travelling collection and has also featured her in her book A Passion for Plants: Contemporary Botanical Masterworks published by Cassell in 2001. See News and Events for other titles in which Yvonne is featured.

She is a founder member of the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society who have 28 of her paintings in their archive collection of plants in the gardens. These have been used for their publications and can be seen in the book about the artists painting for this project – see under News and Events.

There have been many group exhibitions of Yvonne’s work plus two solo exhibitions in London and one in Cambridge. She has also exhibited in New York, Munich, Singapore, The Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation (who hold three of her paintings in their collection) in Pittsburgh (USA), Tasmania and at the Oxford University Department of Plant Sciences. Her work is increasingly sought-after and is in private collections in Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, Holland, France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

Yvonne always paints from life which is how she achieves such an amazingly high standard of accuracy and detail. She uses the finest artists’ watercolours and sable brushes on hand-made paper or on vellum. She also works in pencil and in pen-and-ink when required. She applies as many as a dozen layers of translucent pigment in order to achieve the vibrant colours which occur in the natural world. Her paintings have a strong wall appeal as well as being suitable for eye-catching reproduction.

She also enjoys teaching, and has taught workshops on board Swan Hellenics cruise liner Minerva and with Hebridean International on board Hebridean Spirit. Yvonne has travelled to Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, The Mediterranean and Black Sea, the Baltic and Central and South America - always painting the local flora and the fruits sold in local markets.

She was invited to paint in the Fens with wildlife artists by the Artists for Nature Foundation as part of their project with the Wildlife Trusts who are restoring part of the Great Fen in East Anglia, UK. For details of the book which accompanied this project see News and Events.

Four of Yvonne's paintings are in the Highgrove Florilegium, a superb limited edition which was commissioned to record the plants in the garden at Highgrove. Details of how to obtain a copy of this magnificent two-volume work are available from

Yvonne undertakes commissions on request. An original botanical painting would be perfect for that special present maybe or perhaps you would like a painting of your favourite plant? All paintings are drawn from life and are life size. There may be a wait if a particular plant or flower is out of season. Prices are from £150 depending on size and complexity and how long completion of the work takes. A deposit of 25% of the agreed price will be payable on acceptance of the commission with the balance to be paid on delivery. Payment should be by sterling cheque on a UK bank, payable to Yvonne Hammond. More details on Contact page.

Yvonne lives in Bedfordshire UK about 50 miles north of London. She is married to the naturalist and writer, Nicholas Hammond, who has written many books on wildlife and wildlife art.

"...she achieves such an amazingly high standard of accuracy of form and colour..."



"Yvonne has twice been awarded Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medals..."



"Her paintings have a strong wall appeal as well as being suitable for eye-catching reproduction..."





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