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SUP Yoga/Pilates:
Yoga & Pilates on the Stand-Up Paddle Surf Board
SUP Yoga/Pilates allows you to enjoy the strength and grace of Pilates & the flexibility and spirituality of Yoga with the calming & healing powers of the sea.

Yoga & Pilates on the Stand Up Paddle Board is a challenging and refreshing practice that combines two great core workouts to build strength, flexibility and balance in an outdoor environment.

Stand Up Paddle Surf (also called SUP) is the latest and fastest growing water-sport across the world. It was born in Hawaii, and combines the traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe paddling with Surf. SUP boards are large surfboards propelled by a standing paddler who uses an extra-long canoe paddle. They provide a fun and intense core-based balance challenge workout full of benefits, not only cardiovascular but also postural and strenghtening.

As the board is floating on water, in order to stand on the board and paddle, the paddler must recruit constantly the deep stabilizing muscles of the pelvis and spine. Furthermore practising Pilates core-based exercises on the board enhances the recruitment of such muscles plus the challenge and benefits of Pilates and builds extra flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. SUP PILATES enables you to enjoy extremely effective, challenging, fun & refreshing Pilates routines.

SUP YOGA is a fusion of Yoga and SUP where you perform yoga moves on the board while in the water. It challenges, elongates and strengthens the body, as well as deepens your abilities to focus, center, and quiet the mind.

In SUP YOGA the board becomes your mat, the birds sing your flow, and the water and wind remind us to have a sense of humor as we explore our Yoga journey. Imagine the sun bathing your face as you rise into Warrior I while a gentle wave rolls beneath you… Imagine rejuvenating in child’s pose while the sea gently licks your fingers… Practicing yoga on a paddleboard brings a whole new perspective to being “fully present in the moment” and experiencing balance in life.

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